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Kochi Water Metro Recruitment 2023 Latest Notice

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Kochi Water Metro Recruitment Admit card 2023: Kochi Water invite applications for the posts of Boat Opetations Trainee for Male/ Female. ITI/Diploma Pass Candidates eligible to apply for this training. Check eligibility and apply online free of cost. Also check video given link below. Kochi Water Metro release exam date and admit on email.

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Recruitment OrganizationKochi Water Metro Limited
PostBoat Operations – Trainee (Male /Female)
Total Post50
Total Candidates applied for this posts425
QualificationsITI, Diploma
Application ModeOnline
Application Last Date08-03-2023 15-03-2023 21-03-2023
Exam Date28th April 2023 (Friday)
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Kochi Water Metro Recruitment Exam Date 2023

Exam Date28th April 2023 (Friday)
Time10.00 AM
VenueGreets Public School
Ashoka Rd, Kaloor,
Ernakulam, Kerala- 682017

Kochi Water Metro Recruitment Admit Card 2023

  • Kochi Water Metro Exam Admit card not released. Only Shorlisted Candidates receive mail from Kochi.
  • Check Mail for this Admit card.
  • If you receive mail so you go to the exam center with Valid ID proof.
  • Please note that no TA/DA will be paid to the candidates for attending the interview.
  • Please confirm whether you will be attending the selection process or not.
  • Must watch video for more details

Kochi Water Metro Recruitment total Applicants 2023

Sl.No.DateUser IDNameStatus
125-Feb-2023 11:35194176Rishab PandeyIn Process
225-Feb-2023 12:30139477Vishnu VijayanIn Process
325-Feb-2023 17:27157982Akhil K VIn Process
425-Feb-2023 18:16194246Barun ChakrabortyIn Process
525-Feb-2023 18:39191974Adarsh MathewIn Process
627-Feb-2023 11:59158668Arif KhanIn Process
727-Feb-2023 15:37194060Nafila KIn Process
827-Feb-2023 16:28193972Gokul RIn Process
928-Feb-2023 10:30194553Ashams P GigiIn Process
1028-Feb-2023 16:33194610Dhanesh GopiIn Process
1128-Feb-2023 17:30176820Anjali AsokanIn Process
1228-Feb-2023 21:18165024Anagha PIn Process
1328-Feb-2023 21:51195181Jithu JoseIn Process
1428-Feb-2023 22:18194807Nirmal KumarIn Process
1528-Feb-2023 22:49101080Midhun ManoharIn Process
1628-Feb-2023 22:57195399Ameen Hyder V AIn Process
1701-Mar-2023 08:03194854Vadlapudi Hemarjun HemarjunIn Process
1801-Mar-2023 09:03172348Kapil Kumar VishwakarmaIn Process
1901-Mar-2023 10:24193872Parvathy SIn Process
2001-Mar-2023 12:22195627Rohit Kumar SinghIn Process
2101-Mar-2023 12:54144778Gokul SIn Process
2201-Mar-2023 13:56196369Ranjit MondalIn Process
2301-Mar-2023 14:16137650Varsha KIn Process
2401-Mar-2023 16:13196529Akhil Raj K AIn Process
2501-Mar-2023 16:14196530Kannan P SIn Process
2601-Mar-2023 16:55196491Godaba RammohanraoIn Process
2701-Mar-2023 17:35160878Regil John AIn Process
2801-Mar-2023 17:42166772Roshin BensonIn Process
2901-Mar-2023 19:30174795Ananthu SIn Process
3002-Mar-2023 09:03196291Krishna HansdaIn Process
3102-Mar-2023 09:25197102Asmawafa P RIn Process
3202-Mar-2023 11:54197836Shashank SumanIn Process
3302-Mar-2023 12:38196842Yaswanth H SIn Process
3402-Mar-2023 13:05157145Abdul Nazim P TIn Process
3502-Mar-2023 13:22198101Krishna HansdaIn Process
3602-Mar-2023 14:55196630Pournami Krishna R KIn Process
3702-Mar-2023 15:35159202Dominic Stephin CarvalioIn Process
3802-Mar-2023 15:42197308Vinit VinitIn Process
3902-Mar-2023 16:28198136Nirnesh KIn Process
4002-Mar-2023 16:35196229Muhammed Raffy TmIn Process
4102-Mar-2023 21:08197344Muhammed Sanjai K BIn Process
4202-Mar-2023 21:22196510Aswin MvIn Process
4302-Mar-2023 21:31195934Amit KumarIn Process
4403-Mar-2023 09:50195998Saggella MallikarjunaIn Process
4503-Mar-2023 10:09195098Ujjal HaldarIn Process
4603-Mar-2023 10:58195102Muhammed Asahaf CkIn Process
4703-Mar-2023 12:16197892Pranav PIn Process
4803-Mar-2023 13:21199080Abinkumar RIn Process
4903-Mar-2023 13:30196657Sreehari ManojIn Process
5003-Mar-2023 14:21198328Arup DeyIn Process
5103-Mar-2023 14:29197775Arjun SIn Process
5203-Mar-2023 14:32156739Pavan UpadhayayIn Process
5303-Mar-2023 16:04194624Akhil P AIn Process
5403-Mar-2023 16:57196557Subha BiswasIn Process
5503-Mar-2023 18:49195284Raju CIn Process
5603-Mar-2023 20:14195449Fathima BeeviIn Process
5703-Mar-2023 20:58199923Gangapatla SivashankarIn Process
5803-Mar-2023 23:39159567Mohammed Jiyad NpIn Process
5904-Mar-2023 02:26200152Partha BhaktaIn Process
6004-Mar-2023 11:55153441Amal P RIn Process
6104-Mar-2023 12:30195472Vinod ParmarIn Process
6204-Mar-2023 12:47200387Sharon ShajiIn Process
6304-Mar-2023 12:55200417Abhishek P RIn Process
6404-Mar-2023 13:44188859Akhil P AIn Process
6504-Mar-2023 14:32198804Dharm SinghIn Process
6604-Mar-2023 15:35200075Ashique Mahmood TIn Process
6704-Mar-2023 15:57199138Suraj SIn Process
6804-Mar-2023 17:19199797Bebatto VsIn Process
6904-Mar-2023 18:25196731Pranoob KIn Process
7004-Mar-2023 19:44200498Lifna PinheroIn Process
7104-Mar-2023 20:01170981Jobin VargheseIn Process
7204-Mar-2023 20:27187709Jinadev SunilIn Process
7304-Mar-2023 22:16195871Sayed SultanIn Process
7404-Mar-2023 22:59200884Jeeven .C. KoshyIn Process
7504-Mar-2023 23:21200939Dappu SrikanthIn Process
7604-Mar-2023 23:44200931Aravind PathemIn Process
7704-Mar-2023 23:48197148Akshay RajanIn Process
7805-Mar-2023 02:06195209Rahul K RIn Process
7905-Mar-2023 08:01195867Sooraj RIn Process
8005-Mar-2023 10:13166265Suhan MIn Process
8105-Mar-2023 11:3371661Basil KurianIn Process
8205-Mar-2023 12:55198773Abhishek C KIn Process
8305-Mar-2023 13:46199123Shibram TuduIn Process
8405-Mar-2023 14:11201585Rohith Mohan RIn Process
8505-Mar-2023 14:12201649Neeraj TiwariIn Process
8605-Mar-2023 14:26194633Anoop ThampiIn Process
8705-Mar-2023 15:00201672Jakka Lakshmi Kalki Eswar Ram KumarIn Process
8805-Mar-2023 15:31201100Polimera Pramod KumarIn Process
8905-Mar-2023 16:35197605Faaiz AnsariIn Process
9005-Mar-2023 17:20195233Piyush BisanIn Process
9105-Mar-2023 17:48195826Rakesh KumarIn Process
9205-Mar-2023 18:08201627Velavalapalli Arun Sri VenkatIn Process
9305-Mar-2023 18:13201744Prem DwivediIn Process
9405-Mar-2023 18:38195801Sujeet KumarIn Process
9505-Mar-2023 19:16200964Sai Naveen Kumar KusumaIn Process
9605-Mar-2023 20:08201864Kondajogula KiranIn Process
9705-Mar-2023 20:40196588Mohammed Anas AIn Process
9805-Mar-2023 21:18201942Sunkari Chandra SekharIn Process
9905-Mar-2023 21:53166955Ajay KtIn Process
10005-Mar-2023 22:52200514Rushikesh WaghIn Process
10106-Mar-2023 00:54201177Amit Kumar NaskarIn Process
10206-Mar-2023 01:37202090Keya NaskarIn Process
10306-Mar-2023 09:53196874Dreponjay RoyIn Process
10406-Mar-2023 10:03202193Krishna HansdaIn Process
10506-Mar-2023 10:56196192Kanista BaghIn Process
10606-Mar-2023 11:05196545Ameer Ali P KIn Process
10706-Mar-2023 11:15202224Teppala KapilIn Process
10806-Mar-2023 11:35202265Kokkula Kiran KumarIn Process
10906-Mar-2023 12:05202287Sujith E MIn Process
11006-Mar-2023 12:46196839Amaljith AIn Process
11106-Mar-2023 13:11202344Abhijith RIn Process
11206-Mar-2023 13:38197000Biki BarmanIn Process
11306-Mar-2023 13:41167424Aparna AjayanIn Process
11406-Mar-2023 13:46201764Kaushal PantIn Process
11506-Mar-2023 14:44197327Sandeep BaipalliIn Process
11606-Mar-2023 14:47202424Sreechandhu C RIn Process
11706-Mar-2023 15:28195115Anand G SIn Process
11806-Mar-2023 15:30197930Ambulal VijayanIn Process
11906-Mar-2023 15:43200214Sahil LanjewarIn Process
12006-Mar-2023 15:45202307Sheeba JIn Process
12106-Mar-2023 16:33198912Midhun MIn Process
12206-Mar-2023 17:29198065Akash SIn Process
12306-Mar-2023 17:30196319Siriparapu Jnanendra Venkata Rama SaiIn Process
12406-Mar-2023 18:04196979William TirkeyIn Process
12506-Mar-2023 18:29195037Sreekuttan SIn Process
12606-Mar-2023 18:30199240Muhammed Fayis VIn Process
12706-Mar-2023 19:00202046Mamidipaka VamsiIn Process
12806-Mar-2023 19:0228949Lalkrishna C. RIn Process
12906-Mar-2023 19:26197841Gupteshwer SharmaIn Process
13006-Mar-2023 19:42185231Amal Krishnan RIn Process
13106-Mar-2023 20:18202207Sidharth KbIn Process
13206-Mar-2023 21:07201965Revanth KumarIn Process
13306-Mar-2023 21:19202662Komaripalepu Naga Venkata SureshIn Process
13406-Mar-2023 21:32202013Jaya Prakash KoppineediIn Process
13506-Mar-2023 21:34202010Gudise Mahesh BabuIn Process
13606-Mar-2023 22:26201163Vikas KumarIn Process
13706-Mar-2023 22:40170223Vishnu KIn Process
13806-Mar-2023 23:42202731Aromal SadanandanIn Process
13907-Mar-2023 02:09202784Sanjay Kumar JangirIn Process
14007-Mar-2023 09:51197944Biswajit SarkarIn Process
14107-Mar-2023 09:52202577Adarsh SIn Process
14207-Mar-2023 09:53202852Sreehari S SIn Process
14307-Mar-2023 10:47202556Hemanth DadiIn Process
14407-Mar-2023 11:14202769Philip MichaelIn Process
14507-Mar-2023 11:16198236Vishal MauryaIn Process
14607-Mar-2023 11:30200604Akshay Mahesan V MIn Process
14707-Mar-2023 11:31201564Vakada UdayakiranIn Process
14807-Mar-2023 11:41202522Rahul Raj RIn Process
14907-Mar-2023 11:59198644W D SajithIn Process
15007-Mar-2023 12:17119281Vishak TcIn Process
15107-Mar-2023 12:20191125Shyn S KumarIn Process
15207-Mar-2023 12:24202896Akshay K RIn Process
15307-Mar-2023 12:49202043Biplab HalderIn Process
15407-Mar-2023 12:57201857Panniru SurendraIn Process
15507-Mar-2023 13:38202936Aromal SreejiIn Process
15607-Mar-2023 13:48195666Alok Singh KushwahaIn Process
15707-Mar-2023 14:33202793Goutham C AIn Process
15807-Mar-2023 15:05201623Arjun Dheevaran V. MIn Process
15907-Mar-2023 15:19202970Pranav PIn Process
16007-Mar-2023 15:21203160Anvar BanerjiIn Process
16107-Mar-2023 15:31200040Namagiri D V V S SaiIn Process
16207-Mar-2023 15:34203152Abhijith KIn Process
16307-Mar-2023 16:04201581Arunima AIn Process
16407-Mar-2023 16:28196425Vishnu SabuIn Process
16507-Mar-2023 16:30200322Prajul PIn Process
16607-Mar-2023 16:56198986Fariz Rahman K HIn Process
16707-Mar-2023 17:02202874Ajin Ambady K SIn Process
16807-Mar-2023 18:02198557Yesudas K JIn Process
16907-Mar-2023 18:08195456Chandan SharmaIn Process
17007-Mar-2023 18:24201183Vemulapudi AnandhIn Process
17107-Mar-2023 19:01202750Murshid MIn Process
17207-Mar-2023 19:07201871Banoth SrinivasIn Process
17307-Mar-2023 19:24194534Athul V PIn Process
17407-Mar-2023 20:37198167Jeevan K TIn Process
17507-Mar-2023 20:37202920Harikrishnan KsIn Process
17607-Mar-2023 21:01203336Naga Babu MallavalliIn Process
17707-Mar-2023 21:06202301Tony ThomasIn Process
17807-Mar-2023 21:16203233Adarsh T RIn Process
17907-Mar-2023 21:36203419Abhin T SIn Process
18007-Mar-2023 22:23193094Ayyappadas VsIn Process
18107-Mar-2023 22:52203446Dasari VamshiIn Process
18207-Mar-2023 22:58199952Ankur PrajapatiIn Process
18307-Mar-2023 23:07196468Rajadurai JIn Process
18407-Mar-2023 23:15198687Nithin K TIn Process
18507-Mar-2023 23:23202599Anu GeorgeIn Process
18607-Mar-2023 23:34201246Medisetty SivaIn Process
18707-Mar-2023 23:36197643Bhukya Durga PrasadIn Process
18807-Mar-2023 23:50201995Buyyala AnanthasaiIn Process
18907-Mar-2023 23:50199809Shijo JollyIn Process
19008-Mar-2023 00:26203389Suraj .V. RIn Process
19108-Mar-2023 02:08202902Adarsh P SIn Process
19208-Mar-2023 04:31203557Gaurav Kumar SawIn Process
19308-Mar-2023 09:43201499Mulinti Arun KumarIn Process
19408-Mar-2023 10:21203607Abhijith A SIn Process
19508-Mar-2023 10:26198064Anupama RIn Process
19608-Mar-2023 10:27202971Nithin MIn Process
19708-Mar-2023 10:58203020Muhammed Haseeb KhIn Process
19808-Mar-2023 11:06202722Lekshmi R SIn Process
19908-Mar-2023 11:07202953Thellagorla Harsha Vardhan SaiIn Process
20008-Mar-2023 11:34203427Sethu K SIn Process
20108-Mar-2023 11:48203079Mohamed AjasIn Process
20208-Mar-2023 11:51202955Abinov JayarajIn Process
20308-Mar-2023 12:15203744Athul VidyadharanIn Process
20408-Mar-2023 12:21195142Prince KumarIn Process
20508-Mar-2023 12:38203761Pranjal KawalkarIn Process
20608-Mar-2023 12:49203710Shebin ThomasIn Process
20708-Mar-2023 12:50203102Vipin KIn Process
20808-Mar-2023 12:53203773Akhilesh LIn Process
20908-Mar-2023 13:19199259Akash PIn Process
21008-Mar-2023 13:20203676Thuraga RahulIn Process
21108-Mar-2023 13:27203611Nishant KumarIn Process
21208-Mar-2023 13:58203802Jaseel Amnash AthimannilIn Process
21308-Mar-2023 14:15150842Sarath CIn Process
21408-Mar-2023 14:32198396Sarath P SasiIn Process
21508-Mar-2023 14:52159698Vishnu M SadanandanIn Process
21608-Mar-2023 15:04203784Prabhith C PIn Process
21708-Mar-2023 15:04197809Dilip YadavIn Process
21808-Mar-2023 15:20165673Mohammed FaizalIn Process
21908-Mar-2023 15:29203911Anil Krishnan KIn Process
22008-Mar-2023 15:37203919Akhil Krishnan GIn Process
22108-Mar-2023 15:4775892Shijith PIn Process
22208-Mar-2023 15:49202399Rahul WarrierIn Process
22308-Mar-2023 15:55186721Chinnadurai GIn Process
22408-Mar-2023 16:10203085Anoop JoseIn Process
22508-Mar-2023 16:12202159Akash SIn Process
22608-Mar-2023 16:16202635Aiswarya KIn Process
22708-Mar-2023 16:17202614Athul Sivadas CsIn Process
22808-Mar-2023 16:53203865Rohith HIn Process
22908-Mar-2023 16:57200081Yedhu DineshIn Process
23008-Mar-2023 16:59203353Chinthith S.SIn Process
23108-Mar-2023 17:06203989Akshayanand MIn Process
23208-Mar-2023 17:38203412Jijindas AIn Process
23308-Mar-2023 17:51200264Pyda ChanikyaIn Process
23408-Mar-2023 17:57202406Karthik RIn Process
23508-Mar-2023 18:06203998Ananthanarayanan T MIn Process
23608-Mar-2023 18:18200925Vivek VIn Process
23708-Mar-2023 18:25202898Vikash SainiIn Process
23808-Mar-2023 18:25203878Budata BalaramIn Process
23908-Mar-2023 18:34192907Abhinavuvishnu N GIn Process
24008-Mar-2023 19:36204024Jeevan Joseph MIn Process
24108-Mar-2023 19:48202349Ajin AIn Process
24208-Mar-2023 19:49204043Amal RajIn Process
24308-Mar-2023 20:07202340Goutham B ChandranIn Process
24408-Mar-2023 20:14188469Athulraj M RIn Process
24508-Mar-2023 20:18194368Nidhin BaijuIn Process
24608-Mar-2023 20:39166287Vineeth GopiIn Process
24708-Mar-2023 21:02203631Ayyappadas M UIn Process
24808-Mar-2023 21:12203635Manish KumarIn Process
24908-Mar-2023 21:14202665Vshnudas AIn Process
25008-Mar-2023 21:18200130Gourab MondalIn Process
25108-Mar-2023 21:39202790Sethu Nath SIn Process
25208-Mar-2023 22:01189877Abhijith K PIn Process
25308-Mar-2023 23:00204242Hari Krishna JIn Process
25408-Mar-2023 23:27204040Mebin A MIn Process
25509-Mar-2023 00:11203838Kanakam SrikanyaIn Process
25609-Mar-2023 08:19204203Banoth Pavan KalyanIn Process
25709-Mar-2023 09:47204344Vinayak YadavIn Process
25809-Mar-2023 12:03204182Vinayak AshokanIn Process
25909-Mar-2023 12:31203947Praveen PIn Process
26009-Mar-2023 14:12196176Gautam Kumar MishraIn Process
26109-Mar-2023 17:08204365Joel PaulIn Process
26209-Mar-2023 18:24204346Amal SIn Process
26309-Mar-2023 20:07204953Jagarapu Kranthi KumarIn Process
26409-Mar-2023 20:54202268Aromal RIn Process
26509-Mar-2023 21:57204467Midhun M GIn Process
26609-Mar-2023 22:15201218Deepu P RIn Process
26710-Mar-2023 09:23204447Dhananjay PawarIn Process
26810-Mar-2023 10:20205235Baliram Kumar NauniyaIn Process
26910-Mar-2023 12:01204558Shareef PIn Process
27010-Mar-2023 12:20150060Tipnis MIn Process
27110-Mar-2023 12:33205332Sooryanath G MIn Process
27210-Mar-2023 16:09202526Md Aadil HasanIn Process
27310-Mar-2023 16:29204477Arjundas Mt ArjunIn Process
27410-Mar-2023 19:11205308Bivash PaulIn Process
27510-Mar-2023 19:38195154Arup MandalIn Process
27610-Mar-2023 20:04203694Abhinav MadhuIn Process
27710-Mar-2023 20:32195845Ganapathi VakapalliIn Process
27811-Mar-2023 01:10203405Neethish DineshIn Process
27911-Mar-2023 08:07194408Mohammed Jaseem Al FavasIn Process
28011-Mar-2023 10:51204142Akhil Lal LIn Process
28111-Mar-2023 11:53205486Adarsh KIn Process
28211-Mar-2023 12:28204441Jijeesh EIn Process
28311-Mar-2023 12:35203659Nitesh SinghIn Process
28411-Mar-2023 14:08204640Anvar NIn Process
28511-Mar-2023 14:38205939Vikesh Pd YadavIn Process
28611-Mar-2023 15:59205039Aswin AIn Process
28711-Mar-2023 16:47205637Rohit Kumar MeesalaIn Process
28811-Mar-2023 20:25202753Sneha SIn Process
28911-Mar-2023 21:49205483Abhijith PIn Process
29011-Mar-2023 23:53205728Bhaskarkumar PatelIn Process
29112-Mar-2023 08:16159271Rama ParidaIn Process
29212-Mar-2023 10:49205403Jithin BhaskarIn Process
29312-Mar-2023 11:36206026Manoj Kumar PanditIn Process
29412-Mar-2023 11:58198853Roni BiswasIn Process
29512-Mar-2023 13:23206322Prashant AmbekarIn Process
29612-Mar-2023 13:42195553Shrimanta NandiIn Process
29712-Mar-2023 19:13206406Anil KumarIn Process
29812-Mar-2023 19:49205645Muhammad Shahabas AsIn Process
29912-Mar-2023 21:45204110Santosh MauryaIn Process
30012-Mar-2023 23:02206484Vikas ChandIn Process
30113-Mar-2023 09:44203401Sonu KumarIn Process
30213-Mar-2023 11:17195495Kiran GadeIn Process
30313-Mar-2023 12:17206620Muhammad YaseenIn Process
30413-Mar-2023 13:09206654Jyothisagar V MIn Process
30513-Mar-2023 15:36206651Aditya JadhavIn Process
30613-Mar-2023 16:05206044Arun G SIn Process
30713-Mar-2023 16:47203487Anjaly Pa AnjalyIn Process
30813-Mar-2023 20:28203820Amal EIn Process
30913-Mar-2023 20:35205738Anvarsha MIn Process
31013-Mar-2023 20:37187284Akhil CkIn Process
31113-Mar-2023 20:41187896Amal C KIn Process
31214-Mar-2023 01:13206887Gouthem AIn Process
31314-Mar-2023 09:17203428Vivek Kumar SinghIn Process
31414-Mar-2023 09:36206907Shashi KumarIn Process
31514-Mar-2023 10:38206716Anfal P BIn Process
31614-Mar-2023 12:32205405Akhil PIn Process
31714-Mar-2023 12:38206413Sunil ThomasIn Process
31814-Mar-2023 12:57206908Shashi KumarIn Process
31914-Mar-2023 13:02205298Akhil RajIn Process
32014-Mar-2023 14:13207049Shiv LalIn Process
32114-Mar-2023 14:53206713Ajaykrishnan UIn Process
32214-Mar-2023 15:48196314Jubaraj BanerjeeIn Process
32314-Mar-2023 17:09206947Akash BiswasIn Process
32414-Mar-2023 18:00206430Albin ThankachanIn Process
32514-Mar-2023 18:46205536Sooraj GsIn Process
32614-Mar-2023 19:24207146Jijo LIn Process
32714-Mar-2023 19:40206813Justin SebastianIn Process
32814-Mar-2023 20:07206812Arun WilsonIn Process
32914-Mar-2023 20:35206810Avijit BaloIn Process
33014-Mar-2023 20:54206712Ravi Kumar SharmaIn Process
33114-Mar-2023 21:33202042Roshan KushwahaIn Process
33214-Mar-2023 22:13205840Arunkumar V SIn Process
33314-Mar-2023 22:24203877Christo ShajuIn Process
33414-Mar-2023 23:19205015Fahad K AIn Process
33515-Mar-2023 00:17205200Hari Krishna SIn Process
33615-Mar-2023 10:07194889Anuj Kumar PatwaIn Process
33715-Mar-2023 10:28206861Jery JollyIn Process
33815-Mar-2023 12:09207287Tamalika DebnathIn Process
33915-Mar-2023 12:19162973Abhimanyu T VIn Process
34015-Mar-2023 12:27197568Achu AnilIn Process
34115-Mar-2023 12:28203407Ratheesh M RIn Process
34215-Mar-2023 13:03203569Neeraj KumarIn Process
34315-Mar-2023 13:57207230Ketak AtramIn Process
34415-Mar-2023 14:03207318Abhishek AIn Process
34515-Mar-2023 14:21207121Akshai RIn Process
34615-Mar-2023 15:03203440Sunita RautIn Process
34715-Mar-2023 15:21196556Virendra Kumar SharmaIn Process
34815-Mar-2023 17:45196002Govardhan BandaIn Process
34915-Mar-2023 18:13207428Ch Sri Rama MurthyIn Process
35015-Mar-2023 19:04207218Rohith KjIn Process
35115-Mar-2023 21:27199140Abhinay Kumar PrajapatiIn Process
35215-Mar-2023 21:28200766Aashish NandiIn Process
35315-Mar-2023 22:09207519Amrit SawIn Process
35415-Mar-2023 23:01206505Nidhin S BIn Process
35515-Mar-2023 23:13207217Anoop KmIn Process
35616-Mar-2023 19:00203961Banoth SrinivasIn Process
35716-Mar-2023 19:46169390Aslam NIn Process
35816-Mar-2023 21:42207460Aman MattaIn Process
35917-Mar-2023 09:49194507Jerin JIn Process
36017-Mar-2023 10:55207875Brijesh PrajapatiIn Process
36117-Mar-2023 10:59204936Muneesh KumarIn Process
36217-Mar-2023 12:05195876Moti LalIn Process
36317-Mar-2023 12:32207976Km. Pragya VermaIn Process
36417-Mar-2023 13:52207928Suraj Kumar SinghIn Process
36517-Mar-2023 14:56204946Akash ChoudharyIn Process
36617-Mar-2023 21:01197163Neetu YadavIn Process
36717-Mar-2023 21:55208394Nagsen RangariIn Process
36817-Mar-2023 22:45204810Rajahari KumarIn Process
36918-Mar-2023 00:08208464Nitin YadavIn Process
37018-Mar-2023 11:19208733Amarjeet YadavIn Process
37118-Mar-2023 11:25208749Surendra Kumar KapariyaIn Process
37218-Mar-2023 11:34208750Vipin GuptaIn Process
37318-Mar-2023 11:52207220Chithralekha UIn Process
37418-Mar-2023 11:57196225Kumar GauravIn Process
37518-Mar-2023 12:17205258Vinay KumarIn Process
37618-Mar-2023 13:13208382Roni SarkarIn Process
37718-Mar-2023 15:00208441Sourav KumarIn Process
37818-Mar-2023 16:4910476Jishnu O LIn Process
37918-Mar-2023 16:56208706Sameer Ahmad KumarIn Process
38018-Mar-2023 19:31207984Rajesh Babu KIn Process
38118-Mar-2023 21:15196923D.R HareeshIn Process
38219-Mar-2023 12:19209333Sampada MeshramIn Process
38319-Mar-2023 13:47209332Vicky KumarIn Process
38419-Mar-2023 13:55207371Govardhan BandaIn Process
38519-Mar-2023 18:03209475Kommu BalajiIn Process
38619-Mar-2023 18:13209168Ashish Kumar SinghIn Process
38719-Mar-2023 19:20208575Arati DasIn Process
38819-Mar-2023 20:23205440Akash KumarIn Process
38919-Mar-2023 22:37209397Asheesh KumarIn Process
39019-Mar-2023 23:35209624Asheesh KumarIn Process
39120-Mar-2023 09:56208758Samar KumarIn Process
39220-Mar-2023 10:14209732Vishal PanchalIn Process
39320-Mar-2023 12:02196195Vyshnav RajanIn Process
39420-Mar-2023 12:28208489Vishal SarojIn Process
39520-Mar-2023 14:04198400Uday BihariIn Process
39620-Mar-2023 14:42158868Roby Thomas RejiIn Process
39720-Mar-2023 15:05209843Ajay Kumar DasIn Process
39820-Mar-2023 15:49209890Sandeep YadavIn Process
39920-Mar-2023 17:04209220Bhim KumarIn Process
40020-Mar-2023 21:26205789Bidyut RajwarIn Process
40120-Mar-2023 21:58209982Komal NanoteIn Process
40220-Mar-2023 22:09208360Dheeraj Kumar MulpuruIn Process
40320-Mar-2023 22:11208852Abhishek KumarIn Process
40420-Mar-2023 23:08210083Sonu Kumar SinghIn Process
40521-Mar-2023 10:24189396Gourab RoyIn Process
40621-Mar-2023 11:03209978Srinu Naik VaditheIn Process
40721-Mar-2023 12:31208395Rahul Kumar NapitIn Process
40821-Mar-2023 15:03204541Jeby JamesIn Process
40921-Mar-2023 15:51210249Santosh KumarIn Process
41021-Mar-2023 16:09210356Pravanjan BeheraIn Process
41121-Mar-2023 16:54206034Sachin SaxenaIn Process
41221-Mar-2023 17:04202020Stalin JohnsonIn Process
41321-Mar-2023 18:06208999Shaik ImamemuzammilIn Process
41421-Mar-2023 18:52210262Kuldeep ShuklaIn Process
41521-Mar-2023 20:09210210Bhagvansingh HarneIn Process
41621-Mar-2023 21:13210454Gara Vamsi NarendraIn Process
41721-Mar-2023 22:0368316Tinku MahataIn Process
41821-Mar-2023 22:44208107Shankapally AkshayaIn Process
41921-Mar-2023 23:11204823Moida SatyanarayanaIn Process
42021-Mar-2023 23:38209915Dharmendra Kumar ChoudhariIn Process
42123-Mar-2023 14:41195247Deep SorenIn Process
42223-Mar-2023 18:28204394Krushna AthvaleIn Process
42323-Mar-2023 18:38210702Vajja Parameshwar RaoIn Process
42423-Mar-2023 20:39203965Vishnu VikramanIn Process
42523-Mar-2023 22:10210700Kenguva Venkata RamanaIn Process

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