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ITI NCVT 8 New Updates 2022

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DGT के meeting में आईटीआई के 8 नए अपडेट किये है जो इस प्रकार है :-

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  1. ITI can change the e-mail and mobile of approver and creater ID by themselves with mobile OTP for email change and email OTP for mobile change. – this facility will be available for next 4 days.
  2. Now, Trainees can view their CBT exam response sheet (answer sheet) in the trainee profile page through mobile OTP authentication just like grievance otp. This will redirect to the exam agency page through an encrypted url, where trainees can see the answers they entered for each question along with the correct answers also. This facility is available for the cbt exam conducted from 21st Dec 2021 onwards. This will the transparency in the cbt exam.
  3. Now, students can download the consolidated marksheet also from the public portal along with their marksheets and certificate from their profile page. This will empower the students where some ITIs are charging money for the consolidated marksheets from the trainees. The same is available with ITI login also.
  4. All the ED and Practical marks updated /approved by the nodal ITIs/states from 7th March 2022 to 3rd April 2022 have been reprocessed and where-ever the notional /grace marks are applicable also done and the results are declared.
  5. Grace marks for 2018-20 second year and 2019-20 one year /6 months courses also reprocessed and results are declared.
  6. Marksheets and certificates will be available after 24 hrs for those who are accepting the results. Else they can raise grievance reg profile or exam related issues.
  7. In the CBT exams where results are declared as 0 or -1 due to regeneration of another hall ticket in the subsequent exam cases also resolved.
  8. There are many cases reported in the previous exams, due to non-availability of ED & Practical marks timely , the results were declared as -1 or 0. Such cases are not visible /available for entry to the nodal ITIs as the results were freezed. We are enabling the rights to the SPIUs to re-enter the ED/Practical marks for such cases of -1 or 0, upto 15th April 2022. States should undo the results for only to the genuine cases. After that, all results are deemed as final and no more requests will be accepted.

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