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BARC Stage 1 Exam Paper Analysis 2023, BARC Memory Based Questions 2023

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BARC Stage 1 Exam Paper Analysis 2023: BARC Stage 1 Exam Memory Based Question given below:-

Q 1. Which types of lens is used to correct Miopis?

Answer : Concave Lens

Q.2 Who was the first president of Independence India?

Answer : Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q.3. Which is the longest dam in India?

Answer: Hirakund Dam

Q.4. The Headquater of United Nations?

Answer: New york

Q.5. What is the IUPAC Name of CH3CH2OH?

ANswer: Ethanol

Q.6.Where is the image formed in Myopia?

Answer: In fornt of retina.

Q.7. (√9-√13)x(√9+√13)+?

Answer : 6

Q.8. Who was the first Indian Woman to win an olympic medal?

Answer : Karnam Malleswari

Q.9. ‘9’ is divisible by-

Answer: 3981

Q.10. Which is the hotted planet in the solar system?

Answer : Venus

Q.11 The issuance of the currency is controlled by-

Answer : RBI

Q.12. Which of the following mirror is used as a rear new mirror in a vehicle ?

Answer : Convex miror

Q.14. What do all the elemens in group 16 share similar properties?

Answer: Some number of valence electrons.

Q.15. Which rivers Originate in western ghats?

ANswer: Godwari, Krishna, Kaveri

Q.16. If a circle can be inscribed in a parallelogram, then it will be a –

Answer : Rectangle

Q.17. On looking from the moon, the sky appears-

Answer: Black

Q.18. In a cylinder, if radius is halved and height is doubled, the volume aril be-

Answer : π/2

Q. 19. If the perimeter of square and Circle are equal, then what is the ratio of the area of the circlle to tha of the quare?

Answer: 4/π

Q. 20. Blue colour of the water in the deep sea is due to

Answer :Scattering of light

Q.21. A Silver article turnes block when kept in the open for a few days due to the formation of

Answer AG2S(Silver Sulfide)

Q. 22. Which city is called Silicon valley of India?

Answer: Bangalore

Q. 23. Kathakali dance related to which state?

Answer: Kerala

Q.24. When the object is placed within the focus on concave mirror the image is formed behind the mirror is enlarged? what will be the image?

Answer: Virtual and eract

Q.25. LPG has which of the following gas?

Answer: Butane

Q. 26. Which of the follwing is a MNC?

Answer: Tata Motors

Q.27. In Perodic table in groups from top to bottom which of the following is not decreasing and increasing ?


Q. 28 Hottest Planet?

Answer : Venus

Q.29. Writer of Vande Matram

Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Q. 30 State Animal of Assam-

Answer: Rhinoceros unicornis

Q.31. lenses in myopia

Answer: concave lens

Q.32. Headoffice of UNO

Answer : New York

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